Path towards organizational management: a new age

An Introduction from Associazione ABìCì

«Path towards organizational management: a new age» is a mobility project that will take place in Selargius Italy, from 18th of June till 24th of June 2016. It will bring together 31 participants from EU countries and in particular from: Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary. It aims at combining new aspects in managing youth organizations by using coaching techniques as a methodology. The project wants to support youth workers and offer them theoretical and practical tools to work with and use when training young people.

Main objectives of the project

Sharing experiences that help to improve organization management; To identify all fundamentals that influence organization management, project management and decision making process; To hand over competences to the participants and stimulate a new way of thinking regarding management of youth organizations; To realize quality projects in the field of young people; To establish a partnership with all partner involved; To create a booklet regarding organization management in youth organization; To support quality and innovative projects that match needs of young people; To promote projects that foster participation and active citizenship of young people; To boost intercultural dialogue; To empower new generation of facilitators and youth workers.

The methodology and type of activities will be mainly related to non formal education, coaching, self-expression, simulation games, peer to peer, learning by doing and experimental learning. The important part is that participants are creating the outcome by themselves through their participation and involvement. The results we aim to achieve is to put developed practice and work-forms into book which will be published and spread through project partners and other networks. Once the training is over, participants will implement activities in their own communities and share the information acquired during the course. The ultimate goal of the project is to challenge the traditional ways to manage youth organization while combining various approaches and bring together different stakeholders. In this way, we strongly believe that we can propose innovative work-forms for facilitators and fellow trainers which can be used in organization management.

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