Local heritage as a tool for Entrepreneurship

The aim of this project is to support the young people in discovering their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (using non-formal methodologies) and to help them to analyse better their local context and cultural heritage in order to find ideas that, through innovative techniques, can be transformed in business ideas.

Nowadays, unemployment is one of the major problems of young people all over Europe. The level of unemployment in the EU has an average of 22% but in some countries, as Spain, it reaches an alarming level with more than 50% of young population unemployed. Entrepreneurship can be seen as a possible solution to this situation, giving the opportunity for the young people to set up their own businesses and to generate employment and self-employment. Unfortunately, the OECD report “The missing entrepreneurs 2014. Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship in Europe” places the young people (aged 15-24) in the category of the ones who are facing particular challenges in setting-up a business, among other disadvantaged groups (women, immigrants, persons with disabilities). The same report, states the following top barriers to self-employment for youth: not enough capital to start a business, the current economic climate unfavourable for start-ups, not enough skills and no business ideas.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Increasing the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship among 20 young people from different European countries;
  • Generating active participation and implication during the project, but also when they return to their communities;
  • Intercultural awareness through the interaction between people from various backgrounds, different entrepreneurial cultures and traditions;
  • Common values and European citizenship by living together for a week, participating in common activities and sharing experiences in non-formal and informal way;

The exchange will gather 20 young people (age 18-30) from Spain, Romania, Bosnia and Portugal. Through non-formal and informal activities (such as workshops, teambuilding, ice-breakers, role games, visits, teamwork) they will have the possibility to share and debate the situation of their community and to inform themselves about business models from other parts of Europe. They will have the possibility to improve their skills and to gain new ones in an international environment through non-formal learning methods, and then, hopefully, to apply all the knowledge in their local communities.

Date: 1st -7th of September 2016

Place: Villarrubia de los Ojos, Spain.

Participant countries: Spain, Romania, Portugal and Bosnia.

Number of participants: 4 participants (ages 18 – 30) + 1 leader (age 18 – 99) per country


  • Age 18-30 (except for the group leader).
  • Medium-Good English level.
  • Motivated for entrepreneurship and the topic of the youth exchange.
  • Gender Balance has to be followed as much as possible.
  • Priority will be given to young people coming from rural areas.
  • It will be positively valued the sense of initiative, creativity, proactivity and own running projects.


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