Erasmus + in Villarubia de los Ojos, team building and entrepreneurship

We continue writing about “our adventure in La Macha” where we had 3 more days in the lovely rural house “La Blanquilla”. At that point we already knew each other thanks to team building activities made the day before and thanks to hilarious energizers which were prepared for the different countries. Here you can see a little example of how we started our first morning:

In the morning, we had an official presentation of the project and we worked in “how to build a team” with fun exercises and examples. After that, in the next activity participants had a presentation of their previous team work , where the main point was show to other countries some examples about entrepreneurs in their areas, specially based in local heritage. We tried to explain the reality of our community and our sensations about entrepreneurship.

team building rubeum erasmus

The second day finished with an activity to find an agreement about society needs and work in possible solutions to that. Every day, participants had a space of time to think about their sensations in relation with the project and analyse their own learning during the day.

business model canvas rubeum erasmus

In the days 3 and 4 we focused in “why to be entrepreneur” and “ how to work” to give solutions to the previous problems or needs that were found in the previous day. We had been working in activities to find solutions, focus in one of them, and create a business model to help entrepreneurs in the way to order the ideas and projects…

All of that without forget about “the mysterious investor” and the great game of Teletienda!

A special mention for Ana´s birthday (Rumania team leader) who found a yummy birthday cake and an emotive present from her team, plus the happy birthday song in 5 languages!!! Amazing!


Of course, we have to speak about “coñitos” that nice and sweet dessert made for Angelines and Santi, two sisters and relatives of some of the participants,. We all loved that sweet!


Every night we celebrated intercultural nights where participants prepared typical food of their country, drinks, presentations of entities and countries, Traditional Music and Dance…

We did not stop of having fun throughout the project. Long live to the intercultural nights!

We will continue narrating the rest of the great adventure of this Youth Exchange Program Erasmus +  in Villarrubia de los Ojos. We hope you find it interesting and that motivates to you to take part in such projects.

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