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    A magical week with OAZA in the Erasmus Plus project Socially Inspired

    Destiny, life, or whatever we want to call it, has led 6 young Spaniards to place ourselves in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, during the last two months of November and December. The OAZA association has already welcomed us as a partner in their Erasmus Plus project “Socially Inspired” in May and magic has not missed their appointment at any time. This experience leads us to want to share our experience with other young people and with the environment that surrounds us.

    OAZA is a Croatian NGO whose main objective is to help young people to find their real motivations and encourages them to lead a more balanced way of life through the participation in projects and activities. With these premises, the Erasmus Plus “Socially Inspired” project seeks to add knowledge and experience on the principles of social entrepreneurship for those who are working with young people, in addition to equipping them with practical tools for their work in the field of education and social entrepreneurship. One of the most worked concepts was the “tree of life” dividing the activities into roots, trunk and crown.

    Socially Inspired has allowed 29 young people from Croatia, Cyprus, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain to meet in Zagreb to live for 7 days in a hostel, following a healthy and delicious diet, and enjoying a diverse environment in cultures and so motivational thanks to each of the guys who have been part of the project. We have met young people who carry out their own projects, others who express their ideas through art, graphic design or photography, and others who, from humility, desire a change of direction in their lives. This can only be an enriching experience for young people and the organizations that participate in this project.

    During the project we had the opportunity to visit real examples of socially responsible companies such as Humana Nova, as well as sharing our impression about the state of social entrepreneurship, in each one of the partner countries, from the House of Europe in Zagreb. Hugo, Claudia, Hajar, Marina, Cristina and Javier (me) prepared a presentation about the spanish case and we enjoyed showing it to the rest of our colleagues.

    From the Spanish group of Socially Inspired we wanted to share some testimonies and we hope that they will serve as a motivation for all those young people who consider traveling, finding new experiences and keep learning. Enjoy them!

    “After this training course, I take home new international friendships, outstanding corners of Zagreb, useful knowledge I can use if I ever decide to set up a social business, creative ideas, really deep conversations, many pieces of advice (both received and sent), hilarious bursting into laughter moments, interesting discussions, excursions, games, positivism, good vibes and joy. But, above all, I take home the start of a new chapter of my life where both introspection and travelling will have the main roles”.
    Marina Casas

    “When you let yourself go where you should be, magic appears and things start to happen. My experience in Zagreb showed me the importance of focusing on what has been given to each of us, staying in the present and without losing the focus due to other external stimulus. It’s good to go out there, meet other people with curiosities and learn everything you can from them and from you. Sowing affection and kindness will be an action from which joys will always sprout. An international experience like the Erasmus Plus projects will not disappoint you “.
    Javier Romero

    “Thanks to the Training Course “Socially Inspired” I had the chance of getting to know wonderful people and create a network for future collaborations. I learnt more about good practices of social enterprises in Europe and I got inspired for creating new projects. I got to know more about how to organize training courses and ideas and tools for activities with youth. I had the chance to get in touch with the local community. And thanks to O.A.Z.A. I learnt more about healthy lifestyle. I got really motivated for continuing my education as a group facilitator and trainer. And now I am planning to collaborate with O.A.Z.A in a new European project”.
    Cristina Faura

    All we have to do now is saying thank you to Patrycja, Filip, Mile, Roberto, Andrea and the rest of the trainers and the OAZA team. In addition, we would like to thank the Spanish group for sharing their experiences, and Cristina and Marina who made a donation to Rubeum after the project. We hope you liked this article. See you in the next adventure!

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  • New Way Web

    Jornada de Mesas Redondas Proyecto New Way

    Desde la asociación Rubeum comenzamos a trabajar en un proyecto dentro del Programa Erasmus Plus que se llama New Way – Educated, Motivated, Employed!, se trata de una cooperación para la innovación y el intercambio de buenas prácticas con otras asociaciones Europeas y de la que formaremos parte durante 2 años. El tema del proyecto es el desempleo juvenil y los métodos que utilizan los jóvenes para buscar empleo o crear el suyo propio.

    Para este viernes, 24 de noviembre, hemos organizado una jornada de mesas redondas en la que se presentará el proyecto de manera oficial en Villarrubia de los Ojos (Ciudad Real). Esta jornada es una de las primeras actividades del proyecto y su objetivo consiste en obtener una lista de recomendaciones para los jóvenes a la hora de buscar empleo, becas, formación, prácticas, etcétera, y/o cuando tratan de emprender. Esto se hará posible a través de un proceso participativo de mesas redondas en las que se plantearán diferentes preguntas. Los resultados de esta jornada serán de gran utilidad para la siguiente fase del proyecto.

    Pueden participar en la jornada representantes de asociaciones, empresas, instituciones y otros tipos de organizaciones, jóvenes y particulares interesados en la mejora de la situación laboral de los jóvenes.

    Lugar: Centro Joven de Villarrubia de los Ojos, Calle Tenerías, 3.
    Hora: 16.00 – 18.00

    Click Aquí para registrarte en la jornada

    Click Aquí para más información sobre New Way

    ¡Nos vemos pronto! ^^

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  • TeamBuilding

    Erasmus + in Villarubia de los Ojos, team building and entrepreneurship

    We continue writing about “our adventure in La Macha” where we had 3 more days in the lovely rural house “La Blanquilla”. At that point we already knew each other thanks to team building activities made the day before and thanks to hilarious energizers which were prepared for the different countries. Here you can see a little example of how we started our first morning:

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  • Group Picture!

    The beginning of an entrepreneurial Erasmus+ in La Mancha

    What seemed a dream at the beginning turned into a reality in the year 2016. Everything started with a group of youth thinking about the possibility of organizing a European project in Villarrubia de los Ojos, home to the youth association Rubeum. That’s how they started to think and elaborate a proposal for obtaining funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

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  • post-cagliari

    Erasmus+ KA1 TC “A new age”, organizational management in Cagliari

    In June, Rubeum has participated in the project “Path towards an organizational management: A new age”, a Training Course of the Erasmus + program. During the days 18 to 24th of this month we have lived a nice experience next to 31 persones from 8 different countries on the island of Sardinia, south of Italy, in a city in the south of the island called Cagliari. Read more

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  • generacion2020

    (Español) Erasmus+ KA3 “Generación 2020”, emprendimiento en Guarda

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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  • recursos

    (Español) Herramientas que generan valor en tu asociación

    Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish.

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  • hackforgoodrubeum

    HackForGood Ciudad Real, un Hackathon con fines sociales

    El pasado jueves 25 de febrero comenzó en Ciudad Real HackForGood, un evento promovido por Telefónica y organizado junto a la ETSI de Telecomunicaciones de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, la Fundación HazloPosible y la startup Mashme TV con el apoyo de la Red de Cátedras de Telefónica. La ESI de Ciudad Real ha sido una de las 14 sedes simultáneas que se han sumado al evento donde se formaron 3 equipos dispuestos a pasar 3 días de trabajo continuo desarrollando sus retos. Read more

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  • sewcr16

    Startup Europe Week se vive en Ciudad Real

    Que gran semana en Ciudad Real con la Startup Europe Week! ha sido un honor desde Rubeum poder compartir esta gran experiencia con tantos emprendedores de Ciudad Real y de otras partes de España. Lo que comenzó siendo una idea de la organización Startup Europe se ha transformado en uno de los mayores eventos para emprendedores a nivel Europeo.

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    Startup Europe Week Ciudad Real | Del 1 al 5 de Febrero

    El Startup Europe Week es una iniciativa de Startup Europe y la Comisión Europea. Desde el 1 hasta el 5 de Febrero de 2016, el SEW unirá a todas las regiones europeas participantes para ayudar a los emprendedores y mostrarles los recursos que hay a su disposición haciendo de Europa un mejor lugar para emprender y hacer crecer un negocio. Los emprendedores tendrán la oportunidad de conocer a las personalidades de mayor relevancia en el mundo del emprendimiento de su localidad o región. Read more

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